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Our organization's goal is to conduct a walk / hike to bring the community together on a healthy note educating the importance of Nature, Spirit and Health. One of the signature event is the 20 miles Thaipoosa pathayathirai (walk) where thousands of walkers join annually.

Upcoming Events:
Jan 15th. 2022, Saturday Thaipoosa Pathayathirai , which is signature event. Registration is open now.

Thaipoosa Pathayathirai (Walk) from San Ramon 12th Year Invittation Invites you all to the wonderful Thaipoosa walk and immerse in the spiritual, natural, healthy community walk!!
Date : January 15th 2022
Walk to Velmont in San Ramon

We are working very hard to bring in more surprises to recreate the traditional experience, so stay tuned for those details to experience the unique and wonderful experience this event is going to bring in!!. Not an exaggeration, we are sure this event is going to remind many of you of an experience which you get only in India; the famous ‘Palani Patha Yathirai’ summiting the hilltop to pray to the almighty.

Register to participate in the walk to VelMont in San Ramon

Full walk ~19 miles from San Ramon Central park :
~19 miles walk registration reached to max level. We will hold further registration for 19 miles walk.
Short walk ~9 miles from San Ramon Dougherty Station community center:

Events of this scale can’t be done without the help of wonderful volunteers, if you can spare a couple of hours that day, please register to help monitor the walk and serve food :

Kaavadi & PaalKudam Registration will be opened around mid-December. Please note that only limited Kaavadi and Paalkudams will be available.

For tax deductible donations : through Zelle or PayPal.

With best compliments from Officers, Coordinators, donors and Volunteers!!
Stay tuned for such wonderful experiences!!
Please check your email box or spam folder for email sent to all past registrants on Friday, November, 19th around 6pm and Sunday. November 28th around 2PM.

Past Events: Nov 6th, 2021, Saturday Shasti walk/hike to VelMont in San Ramon
Registration for the Shasti Walk/Hike to VelMont is now closed. :

Detailed email about the walk has been sent out to the registered folks, please check the spam folder. If you have already registered and missed the email , come to the starting point at 17011 Bollinger Canyon Road at 8:15am Registration is a MUST to participate , unfortunately no new registration at this time as we have reached the limit.
Glimpses of the 2021 Shasti event & Photos
Stay tuned for such wonderful experiences!!
FYI, participants will reach back to the starting point at the end of the walk. no transportation required. Weather will be cloudy to start and clear up , so dress up accordingly. It is a round trip of 9 miles.
COVID-19 Prayer & Vaikasi Visakam walk/hike in San Ramon VelMont
Date: May 30th, 2021, Sunday
Limitation: 150 Registrants with social distance and COVID protocol

With the current surge in COVID cases in India and other places, we plan to organize a hike-a-thon in San Ramon to pray the nature and almighty for the wellbeing of all those impacted around the world and normalcy to return soon.

This walk will be approximately 9 miles with an elevation gain of 600ft reaching a height of about 900ft, there will be a holy spear (Vel) placed at the hilltop arranged by friends of for prayer.

Entire Event is organized outdoors and registration for the walk is limited to first 150 , it is mandatory that everyone follow social distancing, CDC guidelines and all recommended guidelines by government local, state and federal during the entire walk.

Happy Thaipoosam 🙏 குன்று இருக்கும் இடமெல்லாம் குமரன் இருக்கும் இடம்! அரோகரா! Lord Muruga அரோகரா!
On behalf of we prayed the nature and almighty for the wellbeing of all and normalcy to return soon, looking forward to conduct yathra like in the past 10 years!!
அரோகரா 🙏 அரோகரா 🙏

Looking forward 2022 for Concord Pathayathirai!

Social walk with friends and family to Concord for Thaipoosam on Iron horse trail from San Ramon central park.

Thaipoosam is a Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February).The festival commemorates the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan a vel "spear" so he could vanquish the evil demon.

Belief is that devote a physical burden through which implore for help from the God Murugan! take a vow to offer to god for the purpose of tiding over or averting a great calamity. We are happy that, we could bring amazing experience to people in this area from the year 2011.

* Registration is a MUST to participate in this walk as per permit.

* Please send thank you note to EastBay park district:

* We are not responsible for any other (walk) messages floating around.

Volunteer Registration is here. .

1. Registration is compulsory for every participant

2. There is NO entry fee or donation required, but here are certain guidelines that needs to be followed to comply with safety, logistics and the permit rules & regulations from the authorities. This is mandatory for all participants.

3. Starting Points

The San Ramon starting point is at Bishop Ranch 15 , which has a huge parking lot, and must be strictly followed, NO parking at San Ramon City center on Bollinger Canyon Road or near the tennis courts.

The Walden Park starting point. NO parking here; please drop off the participants here, then park the car in Pleasant Hill Bart and join them as needed.

4. Ending Point

Wren Elementary School, Concord . Just off of the trail!

5. No group registration Each individual needs to register separately. , For minors less than 18, Parent needs to register. On the event day, registrants will get a wrist band when they submit the signed registration form at the Registration Booth at the starting point. Registration will be closed as soon as we reach the set number for the event.

6. All registered participants will receive a band which is required to be worn from starting point till the end point.


View map of 2020 Thaipoosa Walk route( Updated on 1/8/2020)

Convey your thanks to east bay park for providing permit to use the trail facilities.

More on Iron horse Trail

Walk is open to all people, religion and race. All are welcome.

Humble request from organizers: Please do not block entire trail at any given time. Respect local rules. Do not leave trash along the trail.

Check weather to make decision on getting a rain poncho.

Selected Comments

Thanks to all sponsors, volunteers, agencies and participants for making Thaipoosa walk event great success.

This event is brought to you by passionate volunteers and generous sponsors like you to bring the tradition here locally.


I would like to share a wonderful experience by a Portuguese women (I’m not sure if I have mentioned the correct country)

Here is the details 
Note she requested not to mention her name but asked me to share her experience in our group.

I was volunteering in Walden park and suddenly around 2:00PM a women approached me and was complementing 
how well we have organized this whole event. When I thanked her she continued to share her experience, 
seems like she was doing her usual walk and saw many of us, due to her interest to different culture 
she had reached out to a group and enquired more details.

This group of people (not sure who 😊) not only explained but also encouraged to walk with them 
She happily did walk all the way to temple had good Darshan and got the prasadam too 

She is now saying going forward she would like to walk every year 

This really made my day and felt blessed 
Concord Muruganuku Arokara!!!

Well organized and executed. Kudos to the organizers and all the volunteers.
If possible, publish the volunteer list and their efforts.

Hats off to all the volunteers. There are no words...Very well
Organized all the way to temple. Super delicious food. So much hard work by all of you. 
My sincere thanks for the great work and bringing the community together.


அருமையான 👌 அனுபவம். 
பங்களித்த / ஏற்பாடு செய்த அனைவருக்கும் மிக்க நன்றி 🙏 
மிக அருமையான வானிலையும் கூட !
மீண்டும் அடுத்த வருடம் சந்திக்கும் வரை நன்றி 🙏 

Trail rules : Iron horse trail rules , Contra Costa Canal Trail rules

Disclaimer: You are participating in the walk on your own interest and you are responsible for your own act. No one from or other organiztion or volunteers or other facilitators should be held liable for anything. This event is facilitated by passionate volunteers.

Participant Agreement: You understand and agree that this walk event will test physical and mental limits and there is the possibility that you may suffer property loss, serious injury or life loss. This could be caused by the natural conditions, terrain, facilities, trail conditions and/or traffic on the roads and trails. This could also be caused by the actions of other people include in but not limited to participants, volunteers, spectators, event organisers, course monitors, or and East Bay Regional Park District employees, or city employees or other organiztion officials or volunteers or transport agents.

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