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What is the purpose of this Walk?
It is a commonly held belief that undertaking physical pilgrimages on special occasions such as Thai poosam, we get the blessings of Lord Murugan.

Why Walk on Thaipoosam?
For last 400 years or more for Thaipoosam, people have been walking to Palani. We are trying to continue the same old tradition.

Do we need to pay for the walk?
No, you don't need to pay money to participate the walk. Walk expenses has been sponsored by few sponsors.

Do I need to register for the walk?
Yes,it is requirement per city permit. Only registered users will be allowed walk for this permit.

Do you have permits for conducting walk?
Yes, we obtained required permits from city of San Ramon with certain agreements. Permit is given, with condition that event organizers should make sure, this event is not a hindrance to other users of Trail or park. Hence, please follow the trail rules. Follow single or double file. Do not block entire trail. Please carry your trash and leave in appropriate place. Please note that, Iron horse Trail requires permit to use group of 30 or more people to walk together or if it is announced.

Why other than temple is coducting walk?
Traditionally for last 400 years thaipoosam walk is organized by local organization/group.

Are you non-profit organization ?
We obtained Non-Profit organization " THAIPOOSA PATHAYATHIRAI" to reduce the permit expenses.

Why did you get non-profit status?
Permit expenses are lower for Non-profit than unorganized groups. Moreover, permits are granted easily to non-profit than to individuals or group of people.

What are the walk starting points?
We obtained permit for starting points from Central Park, San Ramon. This is roundtrip walk/hike.

Why the 2022 destination and route has been changed?
Though the event was successfully managed and run past several years, we have faced numerous challenges in the past couple of years . The Iron Horse trail in which the majority of our walk traversed is a very populated trail for both walkers and bikers, with the growth of the participants the safety of each walker had to be kept in mind as well. The permits also had to be obtained from multiple cities and other organizations, which started giving us tough times regardless of the value this event brings, especially during pandemic time. With all these hindrances and challenges, which we started to face this year as well, we have decided to change the route and destination, yes, it is to VelMont in San Ramon!! NO change to the starting place, it is from the San Ramon Central park. Thanks to San Ramon city for providing permits. More about San Ramon Open Space

What you have at destination?
At destination, we have Ganesha, Murugan & Vel.

What you can do at destination?
You can pray to Lord Ganesha, Murugan & Vel along with many other devotees. You can also cary Kaavadi or Paalkudam to hill from the base.

Can I come with stroller?
If it is required yes, but please do not block the trail. Rough trail is there near destimation. Some challenges may be there in the rough trails.

Can I bike along?
There is not much paved trail closer to VelMont. Please join our patrol team as volunteer.

Do you have shuttle service back?
Shuttle service will be not be required as it is round trip 19 miles or roundrip 9 miles walk.

Is there parking available in Central park and Dougherty station?
Yes, available, see Central Park.

What time walk starts?
Walk from Central Park, San Ramon starts from or around 7 AM
Walk from Dougherty San Ramon Community Center starts from 8.30 AM

Why parallel walk is planned at these locations?
This is based on San Ramon City recommendation and to avoid congestion.

What are the services provided by
We get necessary permits, provide port-potty at certain locations, provide snack station locations Break Fast and/or Lunch are provided. Same experience as Palani pathaythirai.

Will there be Food provided for walkers?
BreakFast/Lunch prasadham will be provided at Rancho Park, San Ramon. And few snak stations are available.

What are the upcoming Thaipoosam date?
Thaipoosam for California location:
YearThai Pusam Star start timeThai Pusam Star End time Thaipoosam Day Walk Day
2020Feb 7th 10.31 AMFeb 8th 8.35 AM2/7/2020 Friday2/8/2020 Saturday
2021Jan 27th 2.20PMJan 28th 2.21PM1/28/2021 Thursday Not coducted
2022Jan 17th 3.08 PMJan 18th 5.13PM1/18/2022 Wednesday 1/15/2022
2023Feb 3rd 7 43PMFeb 4th 10.43 PM2/4/2023 Saturday 1/29/2023
2024Jan 24th 6.47 PMJan 25th 8 59 PM1/25/2024 Thursday
2025Feb 10th 4.31 AMFeb 11th 5.05 AM2/10/2025 Monday

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