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Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization. Tax Id: 82-4014726

Thaipoosa Pathayathirai is a 400 years old tradition where pilgrims from various parts of the country walk for multiple days to the famous Palani Murugan Temple in south India. Inspired by that tradition, Solai's family had a quest to organize such a walk here , with the help of friends they explored the walk route to Concord Shiva Murugan Temple from San Ramon in 2010 and organized the first walk for 2011 Thaipoosam with few friends and family , that has grown into few thousand participants over the years. Inspired by the traditional Pathayathirai (foot journey), pilgrimage to Concord Shiva Murugan temple was started by pilgrims similar to various pilgrimage across the globe organized by pilgrims.

Later a non profit "Concord Thaipoosa Pathayathirai" was established to manage and streamline the operations as the walk became more popular and with more participation, non-profit is also operated as ""

We faced many challenges from various organizations as the event was getting larger and more popular. We worked hard to over come many challenges , though year 2020 Thaipoosam walk we have to end the walk near the trail head in Concord for logistical, operational and other reasons.

With Covid we were unable to conduct the Thaipoosam pathayathirai in 2021 though various other walks been conducted in small scale in San Ramon Tassajara Ridge trail following new protocols which opened a new avenue to recreate the traditional Palani pathayathirai where pilgrims summit the hill top to pray the almighty. In the year 2022, we conducted separate Thaipposa Walk to VelMont in SanRamon Hill.

We have inspired to walk across many people mind particularly young kids across USA. We served over 50,000 walks and we built logistics that has been adapted by other organizations. We have cost effective event management to conduct large scale Walkathon or public events in a highly professional manner.

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